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  Miniature Pig Information Book  

The Miniature pig information book

         is included in our package when

you purchase your piglet from us...

Or you can purchase the book.

              Ebook - $20.00 (emailed to you)

              Book - $30.00 (postage included)


Miniature Pig Book Index ….

   Weight & Age Table for feeding your miniature pig

   Feeding Example Guide for a Miniature .Piglet/Pig:

   Understanding this Information 

   What a Miniature Pig Needs

   What Feed to Purchase at the Produce Store

   The First Week with your Miniature Piglet

· Introducing a Miniature Pig to their new Home

· Picking up your Piglet

·         If youre Miniature Piglet squeals when Picked Up

· Introducing your Miniature Piglet to other Animals

   Understanding your Miniature Pig

   Feeding a Miniature Pig

· When to Feed a Miniature Piglet/Pig

·  Miniature Pigs need Fresh Water

·         Miniature Pigs like to Graze on Grass

·  How to Hand Feed a Miniature Pig

·  Over Feeding your Miniature Pig:

   Miniature Pig Health

·   I       ·  Is my Miniature Pig Sick….?

   Toilet Training a Miniature Pig

·          ·  Teaching a Miniature Piglet to Toilet inside

·          ·  Teaching a Miniature Piglet to Toilet Out-Side…

   Training & Teaching to Perform Tricks

·          ·  Teaching a Miniature Pig to Follow You

·  Teaching a Miniature Pig to Sit

·         How to Bath a Miniature Pig

·         Harness & Lead Training

·         Teaching a Miniature Pig to Shake Hands

    Teaching a Miniature Pig to Push a Ball



This book has been written from years of experience  of loving, training & breeding miniature pigs, as we want the best for miniature pigs in Australia and your new pet  

        Miniature Pig Information Book

Ebook - $20.00

Emailed to you

Book - $30.00

Postage Included

This book is a tribute to Rosie.... 4 weeks old (2005)

She was to be one of our breeding sows

but sadly she was bitten by a snake

2 weeks after this photo was taken.



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