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     Breeding Miniature Pigs

  MPPPA: association for miniature pigs in Australia for reputable breeders to 

  join and register their miniature pigs. To register a miniature pig with the 

  MPPPA, they are measured, DNA tested and their details are recorded on

  the official registry. MPPPA -

Breeding Miniature Sow's

We do not mate our Sows until they are over 1 year old and we use one of our boars that is at least 1 generation genetically smaller than the sow. Doing this your sow will produce smaller mini-piglets and the sow will have an easier birth.

Because of there small size they are not mature enough to mate earlier.  
They do come into season before they are 1 year old, but the risk of mating them while they  are young normally ends up with squashed piglets - and a sow  that won't  feed her piglets.
So for the sake of waiting a few months more for your first litter...'Wait' It is heart breaking to lose piglets...!

Sows come on heat about every 21 days.

Their Gestation Period is 3 Months, 3 Weeks and 3 Days


How to tell when the sow is in season....?

  • She will have a swollen pinkish vulva a couple of days before she ovulates.

  • She also gets a discharge from the vulva... 

  • When ovulating she will stand very still and make a grunting noise and some times she will squeal.  

  • The standing lasts for about 2 days, as soon as I see the sow standing I take her to the  boar and again the following day.

  • Sows don't always come onto heat, as they are affected by the hot and cold  weather... 

  •  I breed my sows once a year, I find that if you put the sow in a pen next to the boar, she shows better signs of being on heat as the boar has a hormone odour that she can smell.                                       

(a de-sexed/neutered boar will not have this odour)



Miniature Breeding Boar's....

Boars are fully mature at 7-8 months... we don't let him service a sow until  he is at least 10 months old as he will have a better sperm rate and produce a better litter of piglets...  

Do not mate your mini-pigs in wet weather or on wet ground as they can lip and the boar could damage his penis... 

When you take the sow to the boar, he will chase her around nudging her and sniffing her genital area... He may even drink her urine...  

He will froth at the mouth, grind his teeth and he will push on the sow to see if she will stand still...  

When he has entered the sow, he will rest on her with all his weight to keep her still and he balances by using his front legs…

Mating can take up to half an hour, his penis has to lock into the sows cervix with his corkscrew penis before he can ejaculate.


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