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     Miniature Piglet Prices


Your Miniature Pig....!

from Oz-Minipigs

The Ultimate New Pet in Australia

The Miniature Pigs that we are breeding

     with at the moment are: 40-50cm high...!

Piglets form these Sows are -

       - $690.00 for a male miniature piglet

       - $790.00 for a female miniature piglet

         - + original deposit

     The price difference is only due

      to the price of the desexing


+ We give support for all our miniature piglets.

As we want the best for our

miniature piglets and your pet.

We do have a waiting list for our Piglets

A $50.00 deposit is required for your miniature piglet and then you are put onto the waiting list.

  • The waiting list does not run in order, so you could be last on the list and get a piglet from the next litter, it just depends on the colour/sex of your miniature piglet that you would like.


This Includes.....

3 Generation Birth Certificate


Nose Ring

Microchip & Vet Check.

Vaccinations & Worming

 Harness & Lead

 Miniature Pig Information Book

35 page (A4) Put together from our years of experience in breeding & training miniature pigs.

  • At this stage it is whoever contacts me first... So you could be last on the list and possibly get a piglet from the next litter, it just depends if there is a miniature piglet you like.




The Association for Miniature Pigs & Pet Pigs in Australia -


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