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      Purchasing Guide for Miniature Piglets/Pigs

Miniature pigs are a new pet in Australia, so you need to know  

what is best for you and your new pet.

Make sure that you read as much information  about  miniature pigs as possible and ask questions about what you are not sure of.


You will also need to check with your Local Council if you can have a pet miniature pig...! 

Make sure that you tell your Local Council that it is a miniature pig and the size it will grow to and that they come de-sexed.

You can also refer them to our web-site if they need any further information. 

Everyone gets excited when buying a new pet and you want the best for your family.

But because miniature pigs are a new pet in Australia... a lot of people don't know what to look for when they go to purchase a miniature pig.


Here are Some Things to Look For & Some Questions to Ask the Breeder.....!

It's better if the breeder keeps their breeding miniature pigs as pets and that they also handle the piglets, as this produces a friendlier baby piglet.

The miniature pigs used for breeding should not be undernourished, they can look a bit thin just after they have given birth, but with proper feeding they are normally bulky again within the first week.

NEVER...! take a miniature piglet home from a breeder under the age of 5-6 weeks of  age...

Preferably 6 weeks of age is best.  

You want to give your piglet the best start in life and that is with its mother...!


*What height is the parents....?    

A breeding boar (father) should be smaller than a breeding sow (mother) and she should be not higher than 60cm to the front shoulder at 3 years of age. ( the smaller the better)


*How old are the piglets....?

Miniature piglets should be 6 weeks of age when you get him/her, no sooner as they get all their nutrients and antibodies from  their mother in the first 4 weeks so he/she can grow into a healthy and happy mini-pig.


*Do you de-sex the piglets....?

If a pet miniature pig is not de-sexed they become very hormonal at about 7 - 8 months of age and if they don't have a mate, they will try to knock you over and they may even try to bite. 

As the only  mate that they know is you and they can't understand why YOU won't mate with them. 

It's very frustrating for your pig and he/she can become depressed and despondent.


*I also don't advise anyone to take a miniature pig home and then take him/her to  

 their vet to get him/her de-sexed as...

NOT all veterinary surgeons know what special anesthetics to use or how to perform a de-sexing on a miniature piglet and it can cost from $100.00 to $$$$$ to get a piglet de-sexed... 

and that is if everything has gone Ok...  

EG: We had a piglet that had complications and it ended up costing us $500.00, but the new owners who purchased the miniature piglet still only had to pay the quoted price.

That is why caring breeders of miniature pigs sell their piglets already de-sexed...

Because they have a vet who knows how to care and perform this kind of Surgery.


*If you would like to Breed miniature pigs...?

Go to a breeder who knows the blood lines of their miniature pigs to buy your stock.

Make sure that you get different blood lines...

Otherwise you may have a lot of difficulties with birth defects and health problems..!

And the boar (male) should be 1-2 generations genetically bred smaller, than the sow (female)


*Registered breeders of miniature pigs can be found at the MPPPA:      


This is the breeding standard

That we follow with all our

Miniature Pig Breeding

Oz-Minipigs Breeding Standard


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