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     Questions & Answers about Miniature Pigs

Is there miniature pigs in Australia                                  

Yes... there are Miniature Pigs in Australia...

There are registered miniature pig breeders in Australia.

The word miniature is describing something smaller than the original.

In Australia... there are miniature cattle, miniature goats, miniature horses,

miniature donkeys, miniature ponies and miniature pigs....!

They have all been bred down from the original breed of animal.

With any new type of animal there needs to be standards set, breeding records

kept over years of breeding and finally getting them recognised.


How big is a miniature pig                                                

There are different sizes of miniature pigs in Australia + there are some breeders

selling normal piglets as miniature's. so be aware when purchasing

At the moment the sows that we breed with range in size from 40-50cm high.

Miniature pigs are measured to the front shoulder

But you can get a variety of sizes of miniature pigs up to 60cm high.

It is up to you to talk or email the miniature pig breeder and decide what size would

suite your family and where you live.

See our Breed Standard for the breeding standard we use for our miniature pigs.


Do miniature pigs have a special diet                           

Yes miniature pigs do have a special diet..

We feed our pet pigs natural cracked grain (soaked in hot water at least an hour

before feeding) or fruit & veg, + some treats for when you are training, they also like

to graze on grass of a day.

You can also purchase grass hay if you don't have much grass for your pet pig.

Feed your miniature pig:

        - piglet are fed twice a day up until 4 months of age.

        - adult miniature pig are fed once a day.

They are fed either natural grain or fruit & veg + some treats for training.

Because they graze on grass of a day:

they only need small amounts of grain or fruit & veg to be healthy.

       Adults are fed 1% of their body weight once a day

       Piglets are fed 4% of their body weight once a day

Their grain, fruit & veg is measured so they get the correct amount of food for

their size. They can graze on grass as much as they want.

Pig pellets can be fed to a miniature pig, but only a table spoon sprinkled on top of

their food as they are made for meat pigs not miniature pigs.

Normal pig breeder/owner's feed their pigs a completely different diet as they

are feeding to produce mass meat production for slaughter as to feeding a

miniature pig as a pet.

We do supply step by step feeding instructions for miniature pigs in our:


When is a miniature pig  an adult                       

Miniature pigs are classed as an adult at 2 years of age.

They do 80% of their growing in their first year.

The studies that we have done with our miniature pigs, have shown that they

will grow up to 3 to 5cm in their 2nd year and this is due to their body fat.

       We also continue to study all aspects of the miniature pigs and keep

       updates available here on our web-site.


Do I need Council permission                                               

Yes... you need to contact your Local Council.

Phone and ask if you are allowed a pet miniature pig in your shire.

All Councils in Australia have a Different Ruling about pet miniature pigs.

If they say "NO" You can submit to your local Council asking for a review of their

decision as they may be unaware that there is miniature pigs as pets in Australia...

     We do have a letter we can email you to put with your review explaining

     what a miniature pig is, your Council is also welcome to phone us if they

     have any queries.


Do pet miniature pigs need to be de-sexed                     

Yes... The breeder's of miniature pigs get their piglets de-sexed (spayed or neutered)

at 5 weeks of age that are being sold as pets. Their vet's know how to perform the

surgery and are experienced.

If a miniature pig is not de-sexed as a pet; when they mature they become hormonal

the only mate they know is you so they can become depressed and despondent if you

won't mate with them.

Both male and females will keep trying to mate with you and when you won't they

can become aggressive as they think that you don't love them.

Sows come into season every 21 days and boars are hormonal all the time after 6 months

of age. In their mating ritual they will bite, push & jump on top of anything standing still.

So it is very important to make sure that the breeder includes this in their package

of sell a pet piglet. There is no excuse for a breeder not to get their piglets desexed...!


Is it OK to get a nose ring for a miniature pigs             

Pigs can dig with the tip of their snout and if you don't want your pet pig to dig up your grass, I recommend getting a nose ring that is put in between their nostril.

Miniature pigs normally graze on grass of a day, overfeeding can cause them to dig at your lawn as they are not hungry, just snooping to get a treat.

They will dig more if it is raining as worms and other bugs come to the surface.

If you are going to keep your miniature pig in your backyard, I suggest getting a nose ring for your miniature pig.

You can teach them to dig only in their sandpit but this does take time.

The nose-rings is put in between the nostril.

(not through the tip of the snout)


Nose ring in the nostril

of a miniature pig



We have had nose rings for sale

We had them specially made

for Miniature Pigs. 

Purchase Nose Rings


Are miniature pigs a clean pet to have                            

Yes.... Miniature pigs are a very clean pet to have.

You can bath your pet miniature pig just as you bath a dog.

We also rinse them with Fido's Concentrate Rinse as it deters... mites, fleas and ticks

on our miniature pigs and dogs and it has a great fresh smell.

Pigs in the past have been known as a dirty, smelly animal....!

This myth is only because of the way people kept them in small pens. They had to eat,

sleep and go to the toilet in that small area...

      My answer is... You would be a dirty, smelly person too if you had to live

      in those same conditions....!


Can a miniature pig live in our house                                 

Yes/No... miniature pigs like to graze on grass of a day, they are fine to visit and they

are ok to sleep in your home,  but they do need to graze on grass of a day in your

back yard. Miniature pigs will come to their name, you can train them to sit, go on a

harness and lead, be litter trained or be trained to go outside, they love being with

their family.

Our miniature pigs are adorable and I would not part with them.


Can you litter train a miniature pig                                   

Yes.... miniature pigs can be litter trained or trained to go out side.

I have never been able to litter train a dog, but have had no problem litter training a

miniature pig.

We have step by step instruction on how to toilet train a miniature pig in our:


Do miniature pigs get along with other animals                

Yes.... miniature pigs do get along with other animals, we raise our piglets with our

dogs, cats, duck and other farm animals.

You will need to have a safe pen for your piglet to be in of a night or day for when

you go out, just while they are small. This is so your piglet will feel safe of a night and

of a day if you are not there.

      You do need to supervise your miniature piglet at first with your animals, and never

      leave a piglet unsupervised with a dog/s while they are little.


Can a miniature pig be harness trained                            

Yes.. you can harness train a miniature pig, you can take him/her for a walk in your local neighborhood. The same rules apply for taking a miniature pig for a walk as any pet,

they have to be on a Lead.

There is instruction for harness training your miniature pig in our:


Can a miniature pig be trained to do tricks                      

Yes... miniature pigs are very intelligent, you can train them to perform tricks, the same

that you train your dog but more.

They can, sit- lay down- chase a ball- come to their name and more....!

We supply a 35 A4 page miniature pig information book with all our piglets:

Or you can purchase the miniature pig information book


Do miniature pigs have tusks                                             

Yes.... sows (females) and boars (males) both have tusks.

They are the side teeth in the mouth of the pig.

Miniature pigs tusks are small and don't normally protrude out the side of their mouth like

other pigs.

Also... a pig that has been de-sexed has even smaller tusks as their lack of

hormones prevent their growth in a pet pig.


Is there a size guarantee for a miniature pig             

No... but the size of the parents as an adult are what size the piglets should grow to or

smaller. Even genetically breeding miniature pigs smaller than a large pig, they do need to

be fed according to their size otherwise their body will grow bigger to accommodate

the extra weight.

The Boar (father) of the piglets should be genetically smaller than the Sow (mother),

then the piglet should grow to the size of the mother or be genetically smaller.

The breeder should give you care and feeding instructions with your piglet and should

have him/her de-sexed (spayed or neutered).

When you get your miniature pig/piglet, as long as you follow the instructions given to

you from the breeder, you should not have a problem with your miniature pig.

Pig pellets or pig grower pellets should only be fed to a miniature pig as a treat, about

1 tablespoon on top of their food as they are for meat pigs.

Feeding recommendations from a normal/meat pig breeder/owner are completely

different to feeding a miniature pig. Feeding information for a miniature pig.

See our miniature pig standard  for the breeding standard we use for our

miniature pigs..






























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