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 Oz-Minipig's Breeding Standard


We follow a high breeding standard of excellence with our miniature pigs.

Our miniature pigs are genetically bred small by using only the best type of miniature pig in our breeding programs to perfect our breeding stock and our objective is to improve and to perfect miniature pigs in Australia.

The utmost importance in our breeding program is that our miniature pigs have a gentle temperament, their small size and that they are intelligent and friendly.

Their body needs to be in a balanced proportion relative to their size and they have good bone structure, we also prefer that they have a shorter snout.


We only breed selected sows once a year, we do keep our sows that are retired in our retirement paddock.


They have their annual vaccinations with Lepto-Eryvac.

We use an injectable wormer that treats internal and external  parasites.


Our miniature piglets have a continual high level of being handled and trained from birth to 6 weeks of age.

From 3 weeks of age the piglets are brought into our backyard with their mother, then they are slowly weaned over a 2 week period.

They are then taken to our vet at 5 weeks of age and they are then ready to go to their new homes at 6 weeks of age 



All our Piglets will come with....

  3 Generation Birth Certificate

  De-sexing by Veterinarian


  Vaccination (Eryvac)

  Nose Ring

  Worming (injectable)

  Miniature Pig Information Book

  Vaccination and  Worming Papers

  Harness and Lead



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