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     New Owners & their Miniature Pigs

  Hi Debbie,
              Just a quick email to say we got our wee piglet safe & sound...She is the cutest piggy ever, she ran around the house with our daughter for an hour, she is so funny. I haven't named her yet, I think it will be a very hard one to pick. My mother & mother in-law love her already & she was very gentle with my 6month old daughter. I'm sure she will be a great addition to our family!

Thank you for sending us such a cute piglet, The Williams Clan.



Hi Debbie,

Thought you might like to see some photo's of our little girl "Oinkie".

She is now a model for househound kennels (on the home page and in the photo gallery).

She just loves her kennel and the heated mattress she got for her birthday. (my husband thinks I have lost the plot!!!)

They just loved the photo i sent them when enquiring about the heated mattress and asked for more for there website and brochures.

We just love her…….she is a very special part of our family.

I have attached the link to the website.





Thanks for information Debbie, and yes thank you I did receive the harness from the pet carrier.
The only question I have for you is how do I get my pig from my husbands obsessivness. This being
the man who laid down the law for the last two months, "don't think the pig is taking control of the
household, it must live mostly outside bla bla." 
Guess where I found Abraham at 1pm this morning. I awoke to snuffling in my ear.  "It was cold and
lonely", he said.
I waited years for my pig and lost him in the same day I got him.
Cheers Debbie, fun times ahead.


Hi Debbie

I have no problems with you putting the photo in your album on the website.  Tahlia's friends can go there and have a look at it.  I am writing an article for the Wishing Well the Make a Wish newsletter that will include the photograph of Tahlia I will ask the organisation if they can send you a copy.  Lucy is still doing very well bossing us all around I'm afraid but we love her.  Tahlia has the lovely photo I sent you displayed in her room at the hospital.  Thank you for taking the time to respond and your kind donation to make a wish to help other sick kids achieve their dreams.


Kind regards


Dear Debbie,

Just a brief note to let you know Lola has settled in extremely well we all love her. She is very happy and well behaved, sleeping really well at night and busy during the day. I will send photos soon.

Thanks again



Hi Debbie,

She is doing extremely well and we love her to pieces. We have taught her to sit and dance. she is on utube at this link if you want to see her tricks. 

and also this one of her enjoying a scratch .

She has fitted in very well with our family and other animals, we couldn't imagine life with out her now.


Keep smiling,


Hi     Debbie & Bill

Thank you for replying so fast about Pippi. She loves her bed so much she went there tonight at six o'clock and has not moved.

Trixie would dearly love some photos to put in her Baby Book if possible.

Kindest regards Cindy.


Hi Debbie,

Sorry I have been a bit slow on returning my emails. I was excited about seeing Pippi opening photo album 2. Where we get our animal food  there is a woman who loves pip so much and thinks she is so tiny and cute she wants us to take Pip up to the warehouse so that they can use Pip as a camera holder to make a television add! (They want to put the camera on her back) as yet we have not done it. Pip has filled out (belly wise) and we think she has grown around about 1 -2 inches in height since we have got her. She would be approx. 5kg in weight. She still fits in her small dog jumper and her kennel. In that photo that you sent with pip, staffy (dog) and me in it she was around 4-5 months old. We are sending a recent photo of Pip sitting on my sister's knee. She is currently nine months old.

From Trixie, Cindy and Pip

Morning Deb,
Of course it is ok, i have sent through a couple more that way you can choose. The people in the photo's are Abe and I and our 11 yr old Jimmy. Crackles loves to lay and snuggle under blankets. We have bought him a coat to wear in winter.
We would be very proud to have him on your web site. He is a beautiful pet to have.
Just after Christmas Crackles had a chest infection. Poor little thing was at the vet's and placed on a dose of antibiotics. After we started the medicine he bounced back within 2 days.
I will try what you suggested, and let you know if i am not having any luck.


Hi Debbie,


Just a quick note to let you know that Barney has arrived safe and well and he is very very tame isn't he..... We have not picked him as yet as we realise he would be still tender after the operation however he is following us around and seems quite happy.  We managed to get some darling down mixture and will be using this along with fruit and veges as a variety for his diet. 


I will end you some great pictures once he has settled in.  Thank you very much for our baby and please don't worry as he is in good hands and has gone to a good home who will love and care for him,

cheers Pete & Rach...

Hi Debbie

I was told that there are no miniature pigs in Australia, but I have to admit that I am glad I did lots of research and I am so happy that we have Pricilla.

She lays down on command and will sit when asked with the help of a treat.  At night  I put her in the kennel and  I tuck her in and she sleeps all night.

She is clean, and a completely spoilt little pig. The guy that was at our shopping complex selling doggy coats had a laugh when I brought one of his coats for Pricilla. (medium)  she thinks she's just it with it on. Also could you email me the phone number for the vaccinations, she is due for her 2 year old booster.


Thanks, we love her.



Hi Debbie, Just a quick note to let you know that Ruby has settled in beautifully. Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives. We absolutely adore her. She has bonded terrifically with my dog Jerome as well as my husband, Mark, and I. Mark who was very keen that she be an outside pet is now planning to have our handyman build stairs so she can get up onto the furniture easily. He is crazy about her. I kept her in a stable for the first week, then let her into the back yard. It took her about 1/2 an hour for her to work out the doggy door and come looking for us in the house.  I tried closing the gate to the balcony and back door to keep her in the back yard but she snuck under the balcony and wiggled through a gap beneath the back stairs. Cheeky little thing. She was so proud of herself. Standing in the kitchen covered in dust and cobwebs. As if to say "Ha! Thought you could keep me out, did you? Think again"  I swear she was gloating! My handyman certainly has his work cut out for him piggy proofing the place.

Rube particularly likes to sit in my office with Jerome looking out the floor length windows at the patients coming to the surgery. The patient's kids go crazy when they see her. She seems to enjoy watching the passing parade. I have had several patients ask about having one as a pet. I have given them your details and told them to mention my name

Once again, that you so very, very much for Ruby.  She is a everything I dared hope for, plus more. She is a very much loved member of our family.






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