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Waiting List

We have piglets For-Sale...!


When you log on... please refresh the information page so you can see updated information...

User Name and Password needed


        - See when we have piglets due

        - See when we have piglets born

        - See the piglet photo's within 24 hours



How to put your Name on our Waiting List for 2012 -2013


  1.  Pay a $50.00 Deposit    

       for your miniature piglet. 


Our waiting list does not run in order:

You pay your deposit and it is up to you to  log on to our waiting list to see updates about when piglet litters are due and the photo's of piglets.

If there is a piglet you like you phone us or you wait for the next litter...

   It just depends if there is a

  miniature piglet you like....?


When your piglet is born:

You are posted your piglets-

        - Birth Certificate

        - Vaccination Certificate

        - Miniature Pig Information  Book

        - Harness & Lead


Please read these CHANGES.....

   Our waiting list has been updated....

   If you were on our waiting list and can not

   log on you need to contact us so you can 

   be given your new log on details...


Piglet Deposit

Or Email for bank payment options


 2.  You are then given:    

      - Username & Password.

      - Miniature Pig Information Ebook.


 3. You then have access to Waiting List

      - Updates when litters are due.

      - Updates when litters are born.

      - Picture links of piglet photo's.








    Sale/Deposit Conditions



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