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This web-site was originally built in in 2003 & has dramatically grown over the years with new information added as we have learnt more & more about loving, training & breeding miniature pigs for over 12 years..! 

We are located at Mount George, near Taree

on the mid north coast of NSW.


 We can also organise your piglet's delivery or flight

to any State in Australia...


Our first miniature pigs Oink & Porky, both sows were brought as pets in southern NSW in early 2000, we had no intention of breeding we just wanted a pet pig.


But we were totally shocked as we were told by the breeder to catch

which ever one's we wanted. Bill and Allan had to run around a muddy pen and corner the 2 female piglets and try to grab them.... 

They finally both walked out of the pen very happy with themselves after getting the 2 piglets.

I wish I had a camera with me... they were two city boy's covered in mud and were holding 2 squealing piglets.


On the drive home we discussed our experience of purchasing our piglets compared to purchasing the

King Charles Cavaliers that we showed & sold as registered breeders with Dogs NSW.

This is when we decided to breed miniature pigs and to improve the standard of breeding and the quality of the piglets being sold as pets...!

We were able to study the genetics of the Potbelly Pigs in America and other types of small pigs all over the world.


It would have been a lot easier for our breeding program if we could of purchased a potbelly pig…

But pigs of any breed are not allowed  be imported into Australia, so we did a study on pigs in Australia and we found pigs here with similar genetics as the smaller pigs overseas but they were still 65 - 70cm high.


Breeders owe it to their Breeding Stock, to know about Breeding and Genetics.


We don't only breed miniature pigs, we also study their genetics and their behavior.

All the information on this web-site is from our years of learning all aspects of miniature pigs.




When breeding animals there needs to be breeding records kept, have a breeding standard and program to follow. Breeding animals is not just a matter of putting 2 animals together or for the fun of it, breeding animals should only be for the  improvement of that breed of animal.


There is a copy of our standards that we follow at- Standards


Example of why a breeder should have high Standards when breeding miniature pigs.


This is a miniature pig bred by another breeder, they did not know what they were doing genetically and did not consider the faults of this pig



This is a miniature pig bred by

Oz-Minipigs, her name is Elly and  as a breeder I could not find any genetic faults with her



Breeding faults with this pig are:

       - Snout is too long

       - Body is too long

       - Legs are too long & the height

       - Body not in proportion with head & leg

         This miniature pig should never

have been used in a breeding program.

Breeding faults with this pig are:

       - Snout is short

       - Body is in proportion to her height

       - Legs are short & her height is 48cm

       - Body is in proportion with head & legs

         This miniature pig is used in our

         breeding program.


Oz-Minipigs breeding stock is very selective: as we choose our mini-pigs for their temperament, type, size and their personality...We have never interbred any of our breeding stock and we keep our breeding records up to date at all times and we now have individual identification for all of our breeding stock and the miniature piglets that are sold as pets..


Our Breeding Stock are also our Family Pets: even though they are not de-sexed they do make great pets

for us, because as breeders we have the privilege of having our breeding boars that can interact with our sows through secure fencing preventing the problems of hormonal changes in their behavior.

They come to their Names, sit for an ice block or a pat and lay down for a belly  rub, we also keep

miniature pigs in our house yard so we can continue to supply you up to date information about keeping miniature pigs as pets.


Our Mini-Pigs Graze on Grass all day...!

They also have natural cracked grain for dinner and they have a treats of fruit and veggies.

So they are very well fed, according to their size...


We also Encourage You to Visit our Farm: to see how small our miniature pigs are...

we have miniature pigs from piglets to 8 years of age, so you can see the different generations of our breeding program.

* You just need to phone - 02 65506441 and let us know when you would like to visit.

We do have a Waiting List for our

Miniature - Piglets:


Information on piglets for sale, our package and how you can go onto our waiting list for your miniature pig is at

Miniature Piglets for sale


 We also give support   

For all our miniature piglets that are sold

   As we want the best for our miniature pigs

and your new pet...!


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